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lastfm2gmb Script


Author/Maintainer: Sergiy Borodych

Short description

Script to import (sync) playcount, lastplay and rating from to gmusicbrowser.
tags - not realized yet, see TODO


gmusicbrowser must be running and the music files must be in its library.

$ [-c] [-q|-d debuglevel] [-k api_key] -u lastfm_username

-c, –cache - enable cache results enable cache results (only for 'playcount & lastplay' mode), example: this can eat about ~8M for 160 weeks in tmp dir
-d, –debug - debug level (0..2), default 0
-k, –key - lastfm api key, by default script using 'lastfm2gmb' user API key
-q, –quiet - set debug to 0 and suppress any other output
-u, –user - lastfm username


perl v5.8 (for utf8 correct use)
gmusicbrowser (with Dbus implemented, tested on 1.0.X & 1.1.6)


Just download and run (Changes, TODO, Source)

Known Issues
  • Problem with duplicate track_title's in different albums - now it only skip these tracks
  • Dbus maybe failing to update values on high traffic (?) - so you may want run the script several times
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