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Conky GMusicbrowser - VastOne

I have created Conky GMusicbrowser scripts based on Kaivalagi (Mark Buck) scripts who is well known in the Conky world.

Here is a link that shows my desktop with all of this running

Attached is a file (conkygmb.tar.gz) Here that contains the following files:

  • - The main conky script
  • - The Cover Art script
  • conky-timedate.conf - conky rc file
  • conkyGmusicbrowser.template - Template used by the script for ease of display and changes
  • - Bash file I use to start Conky GMB on every start/re-start
  • Extract each of these to your /home/your username/ directory

Also included are enhanced icons (using the Gimp) I use for the display

  • trayicon.png needs to be extracted to /home/your username/.config/gmusicbrowser/icons
  • gmusicbrowser.png needs to be extracted to your /home/your username/Pictures

You will need to make sure each file is set to be executable


chmod u+x

I will explain each function and how to set these up


Once these are in your /home/your username/ directory nothing further will need to be done


I am working on getting a ppa package setup for all of this and once it is done changes to these will be automatically applied

  • conky-timedate.conf - This is the file that is known as the conkyrc file that executes the script

Within this file is where you can change some of the layout options of conky. You will have to do nothing to this file for it to work.

For more information on these settings, I would look in the mega thread at Ubuntu Forums Here

  • conkyGmusicbrowser.template
${color sky blue}Title: ${color2}[--datatype=TI --maxlength=32]
${color sky blue}Artist: ${color2}[--datatype=AR --maxlength=32]
${color sky blue}Album: ${color2}[--datatype=AL --maxlength=30]
${color sky blue}Position: ${color2}[--datatype=PT] - [--datatype=LE] - [--datatype=PP]%
${color sky blue}${execibar 1 ~/ --datatype=PP}
        ${voffset 7}${color2}[--datatype=ST] ${color sky blue} Volume ${color2}[--datatype=VO] ${color sky blue}BitRate ${color2}[--datatype=BR]
${image ~/Pictures/music.png -p 1,127-s 39x39}
${voffset 108}${image /tmp/gmusicbrowser-coverart.jpg -p 1,168 -s 375x375}

In this template file you see how the datatypes are defined and therefore how it is displayed on the desktop. In this file you can change several variables. Below is a list of all of the datatypes

Usage: conkyGmusicbrowser [options]
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -t FILE, --template=FILE
                        define a template file to generate output in one call.
                        A displayable item in the file is in the form
                        [--datatype=TI]. The following are possible options
                        within each item: --datatype,--ratingchar. Note that
                        the short forms of the options are not currently
                        supported! None of these options are applicable at
                        command line when using templates.
  -d DATATYPE, --datatype=DATATYPE
                        [default: TI] The data type options are: ST (status),
                        CA (coverart), TI (title), AL (album), AR (artist), GE
                        (genre), YR (year), TN (track number), FN (file name),
                        BR (bitrate k/s), LE (length), PP (current position in
                        percent), PT (current position in time), VO (volume),
                        RT (rating). Not applicable at command line when using
  -r CHAR, --ratingchar=CHAR
                        [default: *] The output character for the ratings
                        scale. Command line option overridden if used in
  -s TEXT, --statustext=TEXT
                        [default: Playing,Paused,Stopped] The text must be
                        comma delimited in the form 'A,B,C'. Command line
                        option overridden if used in templates.
  -n, --nounknownoutput
                        Turn off unknown output such as "Unknown" for title
                        and "0:00" for length. Command line option overridden
                        if used in templates.
  -S, --secondsoutput   Force all position and length output to be in seconds
  -m LENGTH, --maxlength=LENGTH
                        [default: 0] Define the maximum length of any
                        datatypes output, if truncated the output ends in
  -v, --verbose         Request verbose output, not a good idea when running
                        through conky!
  -V, --version         Displays the version of the script.
  --errorlogfile=FILE   If a filepath is set, the script appends errors to the
  --infologfile=FILE    If a filepath is set, the script appends info to the

And finally is the bash script that starts this for you - Note that you must change the path /home/your username/ to fit yours

sleep 30
gmusicbrowser &
sleep 10
/usr/bin/conky -c ~/conky-timedate.conf -q -d &
sleep 20
/usr/bin/python /home/your username/ -q -d &

I run this as a startup application in Ubuntu

If you have any questions on this, please do not hesitate to ask and I will be happy to assist.

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