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Sunshine Plugin.


Author & Maintainer: Markus Klinga (laite)
Plugin Icon: Daily Overview ( <note important>This plugin has been deprecated by Sunshine3 (see plugins by laite) However, if you're all about control and tweaking you may still wish to use this, as Sunshine3 offers somewhat less customizing options</note>

Short description

Sunshine is an advanced alarm clock - plugin, which allows user to select different settings for playing music in the evening and in the morning.


You can add Sunshine-button to your layout either by having ExtraButtons or Sunshine - item in your layout-file (usually stored in ~/.config/gmusicbrowser/layouts).

Most of the functionality is customized in the settings dialog of this plugin, where you can change settings for your alarms. Launch Sunshine-button in the upper right corner of preferences launches both active modes, if they're enabled with the checkbox on top of mode-editing frame (the active mode is always the one that is selected from the preferences). Left-clicking Sunshine-layoutbutton does exactly the same.


Brief explanation of settings below.


  • Launch Automatically: You can set time, when sleepmode is launched
  • Repeat: 'Automatic launch' will be repeated daily
  • Fade volume from XX to YY: Volume is faded during sleepmode launch and finish, e.g. minutes in timed-mode. Note, that you can set 'from'-volume as -1 to always use 'current volume' from gmusicbrowser.
  • Run command: When sleepmode finishes, it can launch external command, e.g. gedit
  • Shut down gmusicbrowser when finished / Turn Off Computer: Turning off relies on 'Shutdown command' in gmusicbrowsers preferences→misc
  • Ignore last track in queue-mode: Stops immediately when last track has been reached. This is useful if you want to set specific track for waking in the morning.
  • Minutes in timed-mode: How many minutes are waited before going to sleep
  • Tracks in countmode: How many tracks are played *after current* track before going to sleep


  • Repeat alarm: Repeats launched alarm either daily, or if [custom] alarmtimes are set, on specific weekdays and times.
  • Wake up at: You can set either specific time or use custom-button to make more complex alarm schedule
  • Fade volume from XX to YY in ZZ minutes: Unlike in sleepmode, we here have no specific calculation for duration, so you have to put it manually
  • Run command: Runs external command, e.g. nautilus
  • Select source: You can select specific filter that is applied before alarm starts to play music
  • Select playmode: You can select specific playmode that is applied before alarm starts to play music
  • Start playing from: You can force playing to start at current filters/playlists first track, or from a random.

Advanced settings

  • Active Alarms: The combobox will show active alarms, both sleep and wake, and button next to combo allows you to stop individual alarms.
  • Allow multiple alarms: If checked, you can have many alarms as you like, except no more than one wakealarm per type may be launched (as it wouldn't make any sense). If not checked, old alarms will be replaced by new ones.
  • Keep alarms between sessions: If not checked, 'repeat alarm' won't work after you close and restart gmb
  • More Notifications: Show some additional info about alarms
  • Launch Albumrandom when waking: Only available, if Albumrandom-plugin is enabled. Instead of Wakecommand, on wakeup Sunshine will use albumrandom to generate album and start playing.
  • Count current song in count-mode: Normally songcount only takes note of 'whole songs', but you can ask it to count also the song which is playing when sleep launches.
  • Don't finish last song in timed mode: If not checked, sunshine will stop playing on 'timed mode', when 1) time is up and 2) playing song has finished. Check this to stop immediately when time is up.
  • Don't launch alarmcommand if music is already playing: As it says, checks whether gmusicbrowser is already playing music. This prevents that annoying pause+volumefade that author has many times experienced when waken up before alarm and manually started music.
  • Finish volumefade in XX% of fadelength: You can set percentage of mode's length when you want volumefade to reach it's final value.
  • Don't calculate sleep-modes' fadetime, but use XX minutes instead: By default, Sunshine calculates automatically how long it will take before sleeping. You can bypass this here, if you wish.
  • Sleepcommand: Command, that is launched when 'going to sleep'
  • Wakecommand: Command, that is launched when 'waking up'

Besides plugin itself (, you'll need to have an image for button. It must be named plugin-sunshine.png and be located in /usr/share/gmusicbrowser/pix. Also the Gtk2::Notify module is needed to use the notifications in plugin.


You can download the latest version of the plugin and default icon from its git repository:

You can also use these links to download the files directly:, plugin-sunshine.png

After downloading the file, move it to your gmusicbrowser-plugins-directory, either in /home/$USER/.config/gmusicbrowser/plugins - or, if you want all users in your operating system be able to use the plugin in /usr/share/gmusicbrowser/plugins. (You might require superuser rights for the second option. E.g. “sudo mv /usr/share/gmusicbrowser/plugins” or use “su”.)


If you have any problems or suggestions concerning the plugin, you can contact author by email ([email protected]), gmusicbrowser forums or in the #gmusicbrowser (freenode), with the nick laite.

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