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Quick documentation of the DBus APi. If you need more info, you are invited to look at the file or you can of course contact me (Quentin)

More functions wil be added in the future (suggestions welcome).

These functions can be used in other programs, or through the dbus-send command-line program.

examples using dbus-send :

  • To toggle play/pause state :
dbus-send --dest=org.gmusicbrowser /org/gmusicbrowser org.gmusicbrowser.RunCommand string:PlayPause
  • To gets info for the current song :
dbus-send --print-reply --dest=org.gmusicbrowser /org/gmusicbrowser org.gmusicbrowser.CurrentSong
  • To get current song position :
dbus-send --print-reply --dest=org.gmusicbrowser /org/gmusicbrowser org.gmusicbrowser.GetPosition

The output of dbus-send is not very easy to parse, so you might want to use this small perl script instead :

use warnings;
use strict;
use Net::DBus;

my $bus = Net::DBus->session;
my $service = $bus->get_service('org.gmusicbrowser');
my $object = $service->get_object('/org/gmusicbrowser', 'org.gmusicbrowser');

my $info= $object->CurrentSong;
print "$_ : $info->{$_}\n" for sort keys %$info;
print "position : ".$object->GetPosition."\n";

It will print the info and position of the current song, it can also easily be modified to suit your needs.



Takes a string as argument, this string is the name of a command with optional arguments.

See the output of “gmusicbrowser -listcmd” for a list of comands and their arguments.

No return value


no arguments

returns a hash/dictionary containing info on the current song. Currently the hash contains these fields : title, album, artist, length, track, disc.

More fields may be added in future versions.


no arguments

returns the position in the current song in seconds


no arguments

returns a boolean, true if playing, false if stopped/paused.


Takes 3 strings as arguments:

  • path/filename of song OR numeric ID of the song
  • field to change
  • new value

returns true if succeeded, false if failed (in particular if the song couldn't be found in the library)

Be careful with this function, the new value is not checked for validity as much as it should be.


Takes 2 strings as argument:

  • path/filename of song OR numeric ID of the song
  • field

returns the value of the field


no arguments

returns the list of songs ID in the library


takes a string as argument

returns the filename of the cover if the string match an album name that has a cover

Note that the filename of the cover may be a mp3 file with an embedded cover.

May change in future versions with the support of multiple albums with the same name.



Emitted when the current song changes with the song ID of the new song as argument.

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