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Plugins by laite


Author & Maintainer: Markus Klinga (laite)
Main website for plugins: (


All plugins have *pluginname*.pm and optionally some images; copy *.pm in ~/.config/gmusicbrowser/plugins (create directory if it doesn't exist) and all images to /usr/share/gmusicbrowser/pix



External link: Albumrandom3
Albumrandom3 is fulfilling one purpose: to play whole albums with the use of weighted random


External link: Sunshine3
Quite customizable “alarm-clock” for both fading to sleep and waking up


This plugin does NOT work with v1.1.9 release of gmusicbrowser! You must use GIT version (or later release when available) instead

External link: History/Stats
This plugin shows information about playhistory with neat little statistics in your layout (not unlike


External link: lastfm_pcGet
Multipurpose plugin for integration that can

  • Fetch corrections for wrong artist/title tags
  • Fetch playcount from for playing song (with some different distribution options)
  • Love/Unlove tracks straight from your player

Other plugins

You'll find also old versions of my plugins (I don't intend to maintain them but mostly they should work ok) and intriguing 'laitetweaks' that adds some of my personal tweaks to gmb - it is not intended for an “average user” and mainly is just really rude hacks I personally find essential 8-)


If you have any problems or suggestions concerning my plugins or something you'd like to see in the future, you can contact me by email ([email protected]), in gmusicbrowser forums or in the #gmusicbrowser (freenode), with the nick laite.

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