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 == Short description == == Short description ==
-Script to import (sync) playcount from to gmusicbrowser +Script to import (sync) playcount, lastplay and rating from to gmusicbrowser.\\ 
-lastplay, tags, rating - not realized yet, see [[|TODO]]+tags - not realized yet, see [[|TODO]]
 == Usage == == Usage ==
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 $ [-c] [-q|-d debuglevel] [-k api_key] -u lastfm_username $ [-c] [-q|-d debuglevel] [-k api_key] -u lastfm_username
--c, --cache     - enable cache results (only for user.getWeeklyTrackChart method), //example: this can eat about ~8M for 160 weeks in tmp dir//\\+-c, --cache     - enable cache results enable cache results (only for 'playcount & lastplay' mode), //example: this can eat about ~8M for 160 weeks in tmp dir//\\
 -d, --debug     - debug level (0..2), default 0\\ -d, --debug     - debug level (0..2), default 0\\
--k, --key       - lastfm api key, default use 'lastfm2gmb' user api key\\+-k, --key       - lastfm api key, by default script using 'lastfm2gmb' user API key\\
 -q, --quiet     - set debug to 0 and suppress any other output\\ -q, --quiet     - set debug to 0 and suppress any other output\\
 -u, --user      - lastfm username -u, --user      - lastfm username
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 == Dependencies == == Dependencies ==
-perl >=5.8 (for utf8 correct use)\\ +perl v5.8 (for utf8 correct use)\\
 LWP::UserAgent\\ LWP::UserAgent\\
 Net::DBus\\ Net::DBus\\
 XML::Simple\\ XML::Simple\\
-gmusicbrowser (with Dbus implemented, tested on 1.0.X)+gmusicbrowser (with Dbus implemented, tested on 1.0.X & 1.1.6)
 == Installation == == Installation ==
-Just [[|download]] and run +Just [[|download]] and run 
-([[|Changes]], [[|TODO]], [[|Source]])+([[|Changes]], [[|TODO]], [[|Source]])
 == Known Issues == == Known Issues ==
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