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 Welcome to the gmusicbrowser wiki. Welcome to the gmusicbrowser wiki.
-The wiki is very young, so it's still mostly empty.+The wiki is very young, so there's only a few pages.
 The few interesting pages are : The few interesting pages are :
   * [[plans|plans for future versions]]   * [[plans|plans for future versions]]
   * [[customization:songtree|SongTree customization documentation]]   * [[customization:songtree|SongTree customization documentation]]
 +  * [[customization:themes|documentation for using gtk themes with gmb]]
 +  * [[customization:skins|documentation for the experimental skin system of gmb]]
   * [[install:mozembed|installation instructions for Mozembed]]   * [[install:mozembed|installation instructions for Mozembed]]
-  * [[third_party_apps:conky|guide to use gmusicbrowser with conky]]+  * [[third_party_apps:xchat|guide to use gmusicbrowser with xchat]] 
 +  * [[third_party_apps:emesene|emesene plugin for gmusicbrowser]]
   * [[dbus_api|description of the DBus API]]   * [[dbus_api|description of the DBus API]]
 +  * [[guide:git|mini-guide for tracking gmb development with git]]
-Don't forget to consult the [[|FAQ]]+Don't forget to consult the [[|FAQ]]
 Translations in french of some of these pages was made by astier [[translations:fr|here]] Translations in french of some of these pages was made by astier [[translations:fr|here]]
-Currently, all registered users can create/edit pages (see [[|this page]] to register).+If you want to edit this wiki, just ask me, I've disabled registration for now due to the uninterrupted flow of spam :(.
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