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 gmusicbrowser git repositories : gmusicbrowser git repositories :
   * github :   * github :
-  * sourceforge :;a=summary +  * sourceforge : 
-(the sourceforge repository allows you to download snapshots)+ 
 +this link will download a snapshot of the latest version :
 The repository contains 2 branches : The repository contains 2 branches :
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 As this modifies po/*.po you'll need to follow with a As this modifies po/*.po you'll need to follow with a
-<code>git reset --hard</code>+<code>git checkout po/*.po</code> 
 +To revert the changes to po/*.po files, else git won't let you update the branch or change branch (to prevent the loss of these modifications).
 ===== tips ===== ===== tips =====
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 git rebase master git rebase master
 </code> </code>
-if there are conflicts, you can resolve them manually or use +if there are conflicts, you can resolve them manually or use "''git rebase --abort''" to abort the rebase. 
-git rebase --abort +Do not use rebase on branch you published, as rebase rewrite the history of the branch, use merge instead. 
-to abort the rebase.+ 
 +===== Cloning branches from other repository ===== 
 +You can easily track branches from other repository, for example, to track ochosi's branch : 
 +git remote add ochosi git:// 
 +git fetch ochosi 
 +git checkout -b ochosi ochosi/master 
 +The first line creates a new remote named "ochosi" (you can list the remotes with "git remote") 
 +The second line fetches the remote's data, and create the remote branches, here ochosi/master (you can view it with "git branch -a")
 +the third creates a local branch "ochosi" that tracks the remote branch "ochosi/master"
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